25 September 2018


A Hub with a creative heart

Welcome to the start of an exciting road ahead, where we work with the creative, business and entrepreneurial communities of Bendigo and district to establish the Bendigo Creative Industries Hub –  a local space where creative entrepreneurs can gather, work, learn, produce, connect and collaborate!

We deeply believe in collaboration, the power of creative risks taken together, and the energy and economic well-being that creative entrepreneurship injects into regional communities.

The Hub will have at its heart


  • A welcoming environment for our creative entrepreneurial community in all its diversity
  • Love for and belief in what’s local, and the fertile ground that our creative community offers
  • Passion for peer learning, capitalising on the skills and wisdom in the region, and bringing strength from outside where it can build on and support local talent and capacity
  • Working to complement and cooperate rather than compete
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability and ethics in both production and consumption
  • Fun, neighbourhood, belonging, local identity and connection to place, community and country

So here we go!

The first months in the development of the Bendigo Creative Industries Hub will be a time of sharing ideas, exchanging skills and knowledge, and celebrating the beginning of what’s to come.

We will be looking at the ‘blank canvas’ of the Morley Building, dreaming, scheming and designing with the community to bring it to life.

And we will be organising opportunities to bring creative people and ideas together.

We welcome creative people with

  • start-up or established businesses
  • ideas about collaboration, coworking, showcasing and making spaces
  • plans and aspirations for making a living out of what they make and do

As well as those organisations, businesses and individuals who love and support them!